🔐 A Privacy-first Diff tool for everyone. ✅ Your data never hits our servers.


Proxyman with Quick Diff Tool


  • 🔐 Privacy-first developer tool.
  • 💻 Run on your Web Browser, Your data is sent nowhere.
  • 🔎 Find a Difference between two text input for Side by Side or Inline Mode
  • Support Syntax Highlight
  • Open the Request/Response Diff from Proxyman
  • Open-Source Projects

Local development

yarn install
yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

About Proxyman

Proxyman (https://proxyman.io) is a native Web Debugging Proxy app to help developers captures HTTP/HTTPS Traffic with easy.

Proxyman with Light Theme v2

  • UI revamp

    UI revamp


    • Revamp UI layout to separate Input Editor (image 1) and Diff Editor (image 2)
    • Allow users to switch between Side by side and Inline diff mode
    • Remove unused components
    • Refactor code after UI revamp
    • Polish navigation bar

    Images/ GIF

    Image 1 Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 22 01 58

    Image 2 Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 22 01 50

    opened by 8bitzz 1
  • Implement the UI + basic Logic

    Implement the UI + basic Logic


    • Implement the basic UI layout




    • Dropdown button to switch Diff Mode & Combo box for Language (able to search for a language)
    • Use sample JSON for the Left / Right panel for demo
    • Clipboard to paste content to the left/ right panel
    • Swap, clear content of the left/ right


    • Checkout this branch and verify all the acceptance criteria in ticket https://github.com/ProxymanApp/quick-diff/issues/3


    Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 10 58 04
    opened by 8bitzz 0
  • Add robots.txt and sitemap

    Add robots.txt and sitemap


    robots.txt and sitemap are essential for Google Bot. We should add it.

    Acceptance Criteria

    • Add robots.txt to the public folder.
    # *
    User-agent: *
    Allow: /
    # Host
    Host: https://quick-diff.com
    # Sitemaps
    Sitemap: https://quick-diff.com/sitemap.xml
    • Generate sitemap.xml file to the public folder: https://blog.logrocket.com/build-sitemap-generator-nextjs/
    enhancement Done ✅ 
    opened by NghiaTranUIT 0
  • Export to unidiff

    Export to unidiff

    Acceptance Criteria

    • Add an export button (Maybe inside a dropdown)
    • Export the diff data to the unidiff and download it
    • Enable/Disable the export button if the diff content is empty/invalid
    opened by NghiaTranUIT 0
  • Open Diff from Proxyman

    Open Diff from Proxyman

    Acceptance Criteria

    • Implement a basic Gist Service that allows fetching the Gist Content
    • Fetch Gist Content with a User Token + Gist ID
    • Use this content for the diffing data
    • Extract the token + gistID from the URL: https://quick-diff.com?token=AAA&id=BBB => Show the website + display the diff properly
    opened by NghiaTranUIT 0
  • Footer


    Acceptance Criteria

    • Implement the Footer
    • Show a similar message: Your data is safe here. Data never hits our server. (Please find a better message)
    • Show me button -> Navigate to a web page to demonstrate how it works
    • X button to close it.
    enhancement Done ✅ 
    opened by NghiaTranUIT 0
  • Navigation Menu

    Navigation Menu

    Acceptance Criteria

    Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 21 39 06
    • Has three Tabs:

    First Tab: Proxyman

    • Display 3 main features like the UI
    • Proxyman Logo

    First Tab: Other Tools

    • Prettify JSON
    • URL Parser
    • JWT Debugger
    • Base64 String Encode/Decode
    • URL Encode/Decode
    • HTML/XML/CSS/JS Beautify

    First Tab: Github

    • Show GitHub Source Code
    enhancement Done ✅ 
    opened by NghiaTranUIT 1
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