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Vim.js : JavaScript port of Vim

A Tool/Toy for Non-Beginners

by Lu Wang

Try it online


Recommended browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE

Vim.js Features

  • ASM.js enabled
  • Persistent ~/.vimrc
  • Execute JavaScript from Vim.js
  • Read local files
  • Read files from Dropbox

Run :e $VIM/vimrc for more detail.

Vim Features

The online demo is built with the small feature set (--with-features=small), with also a few from the normal set. Run :version to check details. (--with-features=normal is too large and too slow for online usage.)

Some features can be requested via pull requests, some are not intended to be included. Please discuss with me first before you work on a PR.

Tips for hackers

  • Need emscripten with ASYNCIFY enabled
  • Need GCC & cproto (maybe) — Sometimes you need to run make proto when you see errors about 'undeclared variables/functions/structs' or '***.pro' file not found
  • Read
  • The building process might take lots of memory


Lu Wang coolwanglu(a) — please do not expect a prompt response.