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AdonisJs is a fullstack Web framework with focus on ergonomics and speed . It takes care of much of the Web development hassles, offering you a clean and stable API to build Web apps and micro services.

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  • Self-handling exceptions should not have priority in Exception handler

    Self-handling exceptions should not have priority in Exception handler

    Exception handler should be a central place to define custom handlers for exceptions thrown in application.

    Yet, turns out that exceptions with handle() method have higher priority than custom handlers:


    To handle such exception it's required to add a custom hook.

    IMO handle() method of exception should have lower priority then custom handlers bound in main handler.

    opened by radmen 46
  • ./ace - No such file or directory

    ./ace - No such file or directory

    I created a fresh droplet on Digital Ocean (The Node one click app) and followed the starting piece in the documentation to create yardstick.

    When i try and use Ace i get:

    adonis@adonis:~/yardstick$ ./ace
    /usr/bin/env: node --harmony_proxies: No such file or directory

    which node gives me /usr/bin/node

    opened by dan-gamble 33
  • CamelCase Serializer

    CamelCase Serializer

    I have an use case right now where I need to autoload certain relationships and transform all fields to camelcase before sending them to the API consumer. I'm already autoloading the relationships using .addGlobalScope and it works fine, but I don't understand how to serialize my data as camelcase.

    For example, when making an API call I get:

      "id": 1,
      "name": "John",
      "last_name": "Doe",
      "posts": [{
        "id": 3,
        "title": "Hey!",
        "created_at": "..."

    When I want:

      "id": 1,
      "name": "John",
      "lastName": "Doe",
      "posts": [{
        "id": 3,
        "title": "Hey!",
        "createdAt": "..."

    What is the most general way to achieve this result?

    opened by sebasgarcep 28
  • Migration does not terminate (node ace migration:run, docker, CI, pipeline)

    Migration does not terminate (node ace migration:run, docker, CI, pipeline)

    I searched related issues but it couldn't find a solution that works for me. The migration command node ace migration:run --force is a part of our CI pipeline. The command isn't terminating if there is 'Nothing to migrate'. Is there a simple solution for this?


    opened by sasweb 26
  • Adonis New Project Deploy Issue

    Adonis New Project Deploy Issue

    Trying to deploy adonis on DigitalOcean

    Versions: root@Adonis:~/apps/test.domain.com# npm -v 3.10.10 root@Adonis:~/apps/test.domain.com# node -v v6.11.2

    I've run git clone --dissociate https://github.com/adonisjs/adonis-app test.demoamin.com

    Error when i run the following command npm run serve:dev

    Error: Cannot find module 'adonis-fold' at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:469:15) at Function.Module._load (module.js:417:25) at Module.require (module.js:497:17) at require (internal/module.js:20:19) at Object. (/root/apps/test.domain.com-adonis/bootstrap/http.js:14:14) at Module._compile (module.js:570:32) at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:579:10) at Module.load (module.js:487:32) at tryModuleLoad (module.js:446:12) at Function.Module._load (module.js:438:3) [nodemon] app crashed - waiting for file changes before starting...

    Please help me sort this.

    opened by arobit 24
  • Issue with yielding in callbacks

    Issue with yielding in callbacks

    Hello, I'm begginer in nodejs and especially generators app so i don't know how to do this on my own. In Google there is a lack of information:

    twitch.getAuthenticatedUserChannel(body.access_token, collectInformation);

    function collectInformation(err, body) { if(err) { console.dir(err); } else { HomeController.prototype._user = { twitch_id: body._id, username: body.name, display_name: body.display_name, logo: body.logo }; } }

    I want to yield information about user to session but i can't do this in collectInformation because there is an error of can't use yield in function (i think so).

    Second question is: How can bind other HomeController function to callback for ex. * logged(request, response) { [...] twitch.getAuthenticatedUserChannel(body.access_token, collectInformation); //instead of collectInfromation() how can i bind finish() presented below? * finish() { console.log(HomeController.prototype._user); }

    opened by Perfect7M 23
  • fresh setup - error

    fresh setup - error

    I have done a fresh setup and when I run "npm run dev", i receive following error:

    F:\node\adonis\aclApp>npm run dev

    [email protected] dev F:\node\adonis\aclApp nodemon --watch app --watch bootstrap --watch config --watch .env -x 'node --harmony _proxies' server.js

    [nodemon] 1.9.2 [nodemon] to restart at any time, enter rs [nodemon] watching: F:\node\adonis\aclApp\app//* F:\node\adonis\aclApp\bootstrap//

    • F:\node\adonis\aclApp\config/*/ .env [nodemon] starting 'node --harmony_proxies' server.js ''node' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. [nodemon] app crashed - waiting for file changes before starting...

      While node in command prompt working fine
    opened by themodernpk 22
  • heroku deployment

    heroku deployment

    Hi, I did a clean deploy to heroku and looking at the logs, it was looking for .env on the app/ directory rather than the root directory, is this normal?

    Are there any configurations necessary to successfully deploy an adonisjs app to heroku?

    opened by ghost 22
  • Async local storage doesn't work with debuggers

    Async local storage doesn't work with debuggers

    Package version


    Node.js and npm version

    Node: v18.6.0, NPM: 8.13.2

    Sample Code (to reproduce the issue)

    // config/app.ts
    export const http = {
      // other config
      useAsyncLocalStorage: true,
    // app/Services/MyService.ts
    import HttpContext from '@ioc:Adonis/Core/HttpContext'
    export default class MyService {
      public myFunction() {
        const context = HttpContext.get()

    It works fine when run normally. However context is null if I try to run it with yarn debug, vscode, or webstorm.

    VSCode launch config

          "type": "node",
          "request": "launch",
          "name": "Debug Backend",
          "runtimeExecutable": "node",
          "runtimeArgs": ["ace", "serve", "--watch"],
          "internalConsoleOptions": "openOnSessionStart",
          "skipFiles": ["<node_internals>/**", "${workspaceRoot}/node_modules/**/*"]
    Type: Bug 
    opened by jaysson 21
  • How to seed the database by sequence?

    How to seed the database by sequence?

    Let's say we have a UserSeeder.js like this:

    const users = await Factory

    and factory.js looks like this:

    Factory.blueprint('App/Models/User', async (faker, i, data) => {
      return {
        email: ['admin@localhost', 'student@localhost', 'normal@localhost'][i],
        nickname: faker.username(),
        password: '123456',

    My expected result is: image but the actual result is: image So am wondering if there's any way to approach this or have to seed them one by one?


    opened by 18601673727 21
  • Asset Pipeline

    Asset Pipeline

    Hi all, I'd be interested in helping out with a Gulp based asset pipeline. My initial thoughts are to have Less, Stylus & Sass support but default to Sass due to popularity (not my first choice btw - but makes sense). I could also setup BrowserSync and Browserify with an initial client side JS setup. I haven't dug into ES6 just yet, so would probably need a little help in that regard. I also recommend Bootstrap 4 (though I prefer Foundation 6) again due to popularity and would mean users can prototype super-quick. Not sure how to handle static assets (such as images etc.) unless we develop locally assuming a production environment. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the above - thanks.

    opened by niallobrien 21
  • Nested Preload under BelongsTo Preload not running

    Nested Preload under BelongsTo Preload not running

    Nested Preload function under belongsTo preload is not running.

    Package version

    "@adonisjs/auth": "^8.2.3",
    "@adonisjs/bouncer": "^2.3.0",
    "@adonisjs/core": "^5.9.0",
    "@adonisjs/lucid": "^18.3.0",
    "@adonisjs/mail": "^7.2.4",
    "@adonisjs/repl": "^3.1.6",
    "@adonisjs/session": "^6.4.0",
    "@adonisjs/view": "^6.1.0",

    Node.js and npm version

    % node -v v16.16.0 % npm -v 8.11.0

    Sample Code (to reproduce the issue)

    const strategy = await StrategyRepository.findByUidForUser(params.strategyId)
    public findByUidForUser(uid: string) {
        return Strategy.query()
          .where('uid', uid)
          .preload('account', (accountQuery) => {
            console.log('i ran')

    i ran is not being printed.

    select * from "Strategies" where "uid" = ? limit ? [ 'btQ3a', 1 ]
    select * from "Accounts" where "id" in (?) [ 1 ]

    are SQL outputs


      public accountId: number
      @belongsTo(() => Account)
      public account: BelongsTo<typeof Account>


      @manyToMany(() => User, {
        pivotTable: 'UserAccounts',
        pivotForeignKey: 'accountId',
        pivotRelatedForeignKey: 'userId',
      public users: ManyToMany<typeof User>

    BONUS (a sample repo to reproduce the issue)

    opened by nelsonjd 0
  • Array / Object error when the array length 21 or more

    Array / Object error when the array length 21 or more

    Package version

    "@adonisjs/core": "^5.8.0",

    Node.js and npm version

    Node: v18.12.0 NPM: 8.19.2

    Sample Code (to reproduce the issue)

    I send to api put request with a privilege array of numbers:

    privileges[0]: 1 privileges[1]: 2 privileges[2]: 3 privileges[3]: 4 privileges[4]: 5 privileges[5]: 6 privileges[6]: 8 privileges[7]: 9 privileges[8]: 10 privileges[9]: 11 privileges[10]: 12 privileges[11]: 13 privileges[12]: 14 privileges[13]: 15 privileges[14]: 16 privileges[15]: 17 privileges[16]: 18 privileges[17]: 19 privileges[18]: 20 privileges[19]: 21 privileges[20]: 22

    Then when i'm validate with schema, the body is converted to a object with this format: {'0':'0', '1':'1'}

    But if i sent 20 or less, i get the array correctly like this: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]

    opened by Joan1590 5
  • Application Error at indicative.adonisjs.com

    Application Error at indicative.adonisjs.com

    Looks like indicative.adonisjs.com is down (probably because you were running on a free tier of heroku which shutdown their free plans)

    Please get it up


    opened by soubhikchatterjee 0
  • fix: default hasher mismatch fix

    fix: default hasher mismatch fix

    Proposed changes

    Changes the comment for default hasher. Here it is saying inside the comment that argon is the default hasher. But the default prop is set to scrypt

    Screenshot 2022-12-05 214059

    Types of changes

    • [x] Bugfix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)
    • [ ] New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality)
    • [ ] Breaking change (fix or feature that would cause existing functionality to not work as expected)


    Put an x in the boxes that apply. You can also fill these out after creating the PR. If you're unsure about any of them, don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help! This is simply a reminder of what we are going to look for before merging your code.

    • [x] I have read the CONTRIBUTING doc
    • [x] Lint and unit tests pass locally with my changes
    • [x] I have added tests that prove my fix is effective or that my feature works.
    • [x] I have added necessary documentation (if appropriate)

    Further comments

    opened by arabbani 0
  • Default Hasher Mismatch

    Default Hasher Mismatch

    here it is saying inside the comment that argon is the default hasher. But the default prop is set to scrypt

    Screenshot 2022-12-05 214059

    Package version


    Node.js and npm version

    nodejs - 18.12.1 npm - 8.19.2

    opened by arabbani 3
  • Passing arguments to validation class returning an error

    Passing arguments to validation class returning an error

    Hello I followed the documentation for using the validation class and passing the arguments to it, but when I try to pass any argument I defined before in the class it's return an error in the controller, the error because it's require to pass the ctx first then I should pass the extra arguments I defined, so I think there is something wrong because the documentation didn't mention anything for passing the ctx.

    here is the full error I got from VSCode: Screenshot_2022-12-01_at_4 51 47_PM

    and here is the constructor for the validation class: constructor(protected ctx: HttpContextContract, public type: string) {}

    Package version

    Latest version: v5.9.0

    Node.js and npm version


    Sample Code (to reproduce the issue)

    const payload = await request.validate(new UpdateCategoryValidator({ type: 'test'}))

    BONUS (a sample repo to reproduce the issue)

    opened by 3adel-bassiony 0
  • v5.9.0(Nov 22, 2022)

    Add vite driver to the assets manager. The Vite driver is not 100% ready as of now

    • refactor: asset manager reference script attributes from driver 0db6ee0
    • chore(package): update dependencies 8204d66
    • feat: add Vite driver (#3952) cbe1813


    • Add Vite driver by @Julien-R44 in https://github.com/adonisjs/core/pull/3952

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/adonisjs/core/compare/v5.8.9...v5.9.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.9(Nov 10, 2022)

    • style: update docblock for scrypt config afd1b50
    • chore: update dependencies d16d0eb
    • feat(hash): add scrypt config (#3940) 2c9527f
    • style: add placeholder in the events template c4f7437
    • refactor: use import type in template files b5b8ad7


    • feat(hash): add scrypt config by @RomainLanz in https://github.com/adonisjs/core/pull/3940

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/adonisjs/core/compare/v5.8.8...v5.8.9

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.8(Oct 17, 2022)

    Includes bug fix from https://github.com/adonisjs/http-server/releases/tag/v5.12.0

    • chore: update dependencies dec4389


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.7(Oct 7, 2022)

    • chore: update dependencies 41b295e
    • chore: update dependencies (#3898) 2a96a54

    What's Changed

    • chore: update dependencies by @targos in https://github.com/adonisjs/core/pull/3898

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/adonisjs/core/compare/v5.8.6...v5.8.7

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.6(Aug 9, 2022)

  • v5.8.5(Jul 18, 2022)

    Container services are something we are experimenting with, that will allow us to easily migrate to ESM without relying on TypeScript transforms we are currently using to import container bindings

    • chore: update dependencies 5bbfa2e
    • feat: publish experimental container services a86fd9f
    • docs(README): update sponsors list and remove individual assets cd13d05
    • chore: update dependencies aa6e47f


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.4(Jun 24, 2022)

    • docs(README): add sponsors dc53ead
    • chore: update dependencies 805fc8f
    • chore: update dependencies bff794c
    • docs(Funding.yml): Remove patreon and add link to Github sponsors a984a35


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.3(May 26, 2022)

    • chore: update dependencies 73246b2
    • fix(package): add missing dependencies (#3738) aa12f37


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.2(May 18, 2022)

    Because TypeScript 4.6 does not work properly with export maps

    • fix: use build path inside imports f645523


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.8.1(May 18, 2022)

  • v5.8.0(May 18, 2022)

    • chore: update dependencies 3f9e0a5
    • fix: contracts template 7dcb841
    • feat: use hashConfig and driveConfig methods to infer disks and hashers list 265b753
    • chore: update dependencies dc46877

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/adonisjs/core/compare/v5.7.6...v5.8.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.7.6(May 6, 2022)

    • fix: check for main command name inside command aliases as well 1f8da36
    • chore: update dependencies 61e04ae
    • fix: add stayAlive to ListRoutes command (#3703) 36406f5
    • docs: add comment in config/drive.ts for minio (#3704) 72e4d67
    • style: fix code-style typos in templates (#3680) 39860f3


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.7.5(Apr 14, 2022)

  • v5.7.4(Apr 13, 2022)

  • v5.7.3(Apr 10, 2022)

  • v5.7.2(Apr 8, 2022)

  • v5.7.1(Apr 8, 2022)

    • refactor: log fatal error only when not running in test environment 6c1cf59
    • chore: update dependencies 36b4692


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.7.0(Apr 8, 2022)

    • chore: update dependencies 5fc0cc9
    • refactor: remove test templates d21463d
    • chore: update dependencies 424ce6a
    • chore: update dependencies ffe8074
    • chore: update dependencies 068721f
    • feat: add fake assets manager driver f7c4cd7
    • refactor: use apiClient plugin and remove migrate call 415482d
    • feat: send error stack when testing and error.status >= 500 7b06699
    • chore: update dependencies 9f20aac


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.6.2(Mar 26, 2022)

  • v5.6.1(Mar 26, 2022)

  • v5.6.0(Mar 26, 2022)


    • We have integrated the pretty-list-routes package from Julien to the core.
    • The node ace list:routes command displays the pretty list by default. You can use --table flag for the table output.
    • The table output is now more condense to work with smaller terminal width. It also truncates the content vs breaking apart.
    • Added the cookies serializer for the Japa API testing plugin.


    • refactor: allow list route filters to accept multiple values a0dda13
    • refactor: UI improvements for the list:routes command. Both the pretty output and the table output (#3645) d7bccc5
    • chore: update dependencies 28714e2
    • feat: add cookies serializer for japa api-client a0227ad
    • fix: update maxWidth flag data type to number e5423b2
    • feat: add tests contract file 7a27cda
    • test: add tests for the api client bindings a4c8867
    • feat: add cookies support for @japa/api-client 4437ffe
    • refactor: cleanup code (#3634) 31fc060
    • feat: pretty list routes (#3627) 7510ff9
    • refactor: update tests templates ca1aadc


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.5.3(Mar 4, 2022)

  • v5.5.2(Mar 4, 2022)

  • v5.5.1(Mar 3, 2022)

    • test: fix breaking test 9f56a0c
    • refactor: gracefully close application when ace exits c5eea6f
    • chore: update dependencies 2fa98c6
    • chore: update dependencies b07c7ac
    • chore: update dependencies 1ffb4e0
    • refactor: rename .bin diectory to bin 1aa580c
    • refactor: migrate to new japa (#3598) 4eb8305


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.5.0(Feb 27, 2022)

    This release sets up the base we need in order to integrate with Japa. Also an additional module TestUtils is added that can be extended by other packages to add utilities required for testing only.

    In the next release, we will unfold the entire testing experience and also document it

    • refactor: add tests/bootstrap.txt template 9aad57f
    • feat: add missing path to ace types b57ac2e
    • chore: update dependencies 51df2a3
    • feat: add test utils for testing applications 0648803
    • feat: expose AppKernel via ignitor class f795ab2
    • refactor: cleanup application bootstrap process 7b7ed08
    • style: fix linter errors in templates (#3491) 103debc
    • docs: Fixed link for CONTRIBUTING.md (#3490) e612653
    • refactor: reorganize meta config 283cac2
    • chore: update dependencies 0d02df2

    New Contributors

    • @jakgajtk made their first contribution in https://github.com/adonisjs/core/pull/3490
    • @McSneaky made their first contribution in https://github.com/adonisjs/core/pull/3491

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/adonisjs/core/compare/v5.4.2...v5.5.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.4.2(Dec 7, 2021)

  • v5.4.1(Nov 21, 2021)


    • fix: Resolve types with TypeScript 4.5 ffa1610
    • chore: update dependencies fd6d3f4
    • docs(README): update sponsors list add2c03
    • chore: update dependencies b34b15f
    • chore: update dependencies 984b20b
    • Update adonis link for cleavr. (#3240) 0782a53

    New Contributors

    • @usagar80 made their first contribution in https://github.com/adonisjs/core/pull/3240

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/adonisjs/core/compare/v5.4.0...v5.4.1

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.4.0(Oct 11, 2021)

    • chore(package): update dependencies e0173e0
    • docs(README): update sponsors list e42d7e6
    • chore: update dependencies 74eef36
    • docs(config templates): fix comment: argon is the default hasher, not bcrypt (#3171) bb4ed0a

    New Contributors

    • @yann-yinn made their first contribution in https://github.com/adonisjs/core/pull/3171

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/adonisjs/core/compare/v5.3.4...v5.4.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.3.4(Sep 11, 2021)

    • refactor: add support immutable cache-control directive e339a06
    • chore: update dependencies d910452


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.3.3(Sep 9, 2021)

    Check https://github.com/adonisjs/drive/releases/tag/v2.0.7 for information

    • chore: update dependencies 6ab18f3
    • chore: update dependencies a482eb3


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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Component based MVC web framework for nodejs targeting good code structures & modularity.

Component based MVC web framework for nodejs targeting good code structures & modularity. Why fortjs Based on Fort architecture. MVC Framework and fol

Ujjwal Gupta 47 Sep 27, 2022
Proof of concept for the Quark.js web framework

Quark.js Proof of Concept Proof of concept for the Quark.js web framework. Examples Express.js Implimentation using express.js as a web server: im

Quark.js 3 Feb 18, 2022