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  • i18n support

    i18n support


    I find this repo from HN today. I look at it and I think "I must translate it. It will be nice work for my study and global js culture.".

    I'm Korean. Although I can't English well, I think I can translate it with some reference from dictionaries and some advice from its contributer. And I think if you decide to i18n this page, there will be with many contributors.

    Please reply your opinion.

    opened by item4 24
  • Versão PT-BR

    Versão PT-BR

    Por se tratar de uma organização brasileira, feito por brasileiros. Acharia melhor ter uma versão traduzida para o website.

    Sei que em inglês podemos alcançar mais pessoas ao redor do mundo. Mas uma versão em português é muito importante. Principalmente para iniciantes.

    O que achas de começar uma tradução para este projeto?

    opened by rands0n 14
  • Portuguese Version

    Portuguese Version

    I created a basic structure to turn the project multi language, and i started translate to portuguese..

    Já mandei o pull request para o pessoal que fala português poder contribuir, estou sem tempo pra continuar :/

    opened by felquis 9
  • You think that would useful to create a back top button?

    You think that would useful to create a back top button?

    when I go it not show a way of back main menu. I want to create a button with this functionality.

    But I don't want to make without support of my friends of jstherightway.

    opened by vsanasc 7
  • Hoisting section

    Hoisting section

    Hi William, I really wanted to contribute so I added a section about Hoisting. I have already tried it out on my local jekyll.

    I created a complex example to illustrate the concept, I hope you like it :)

    Once I am brazilian, please let me know if you accept it and want me to produce also a PT-BR version.


    opened by themindfuldev 7
  • pt-br revision

    pt-br revision

    Hi @ruanltbg, good job, now I'm putting here some points to review: :+1: @ivanbanov


    • Some words need to be in original language for a better understanding. (e.g. engine)
    • Some words need to accent correction
    opened by allanesquina 5
  • Russian translation ru-ru =)

    Russian translation ru-ru =)

    Cover #241

    What to do

    • [x] Initiate ru-ru structure
    • [x] Translate ru-ru.json
    • [x] Translate partials/code-style.html
    • [x] Translate partials/getting-started.html
    • [x] Translate partials/good-parts.html
    • [x] Translate partials/licence.html
    • [x] Translate partials/patterns.html
    • [x] Translate partials/testing-tools.html
    • [x] Translate partials/welcome.html

    @allanesquina should I add links to resources on russian? or just tranlate existing resources?

    opened by vvscode 4
  • Translation for pt-br

    Translation for pt-br

    It still ongoing @allanesquina, please wait for my signal to review ;)

    I saw that @ivanbanov said that he would translate, but in his fork has no work done yet, so I was with free time and took the chance, sorry for did not ask to translate. I hope that @ivanbanov do not get angry with me.

    @allanesquina could you explain to me how to generate the final HTML?

    Please do not merge yet

    opened by ruanltbg 4
  • Divulgação do repositório

    Divulgação do repositório

    Acho legal começarmos a informar nas comunidade sobre js-the-right-way seria de muito últil para alguns. Pelo meu ponto de vista é um projeto não muito divulgado que poderia ser tornar popular nas comindades e ajudar mais pessoas. :+1:

    opened by pedropolisenso 4
  • Add Game engine. WhitestormJS.

    Add Game engine. WhitestormJS.

    Added 3d game engine. Site: Github: NPM:

    opened by sasha240100 3
  • Turkish Translation

    Turkish Translation

    Hello, you have created a great resource, congratulations and thanks. If you don't mind, I would like to translate the site into Turkish. As I am trying to improve myself in Javascript, it will be very helpful for me to research and examine during the translation process. And my Turkish friends will be able to progress more easily.

    opened by cengizcmataraci 0
  • "ANONYMOUS FUNCTIONS" broken source link.

    Under THE GOOD PARTS the "ANONYMOUS FUNCTIONS" source link does not exist (404 error). Same goes for "FUNCTIONS AS FIRST-CLASS OBJECTS"


    opened by vladislavglad 0
  • Japanese translation

    Japanese translation

    I feel that your website is very good content. Could you please let me translate this site into Japanese? There are not many sites about JS best practices written in Japanese.

    opened by na2shell 2
  • Podcast Links are out-of-date

    Podcast Links are out-of-date

    Most of the Podcasts linked are no longer running or are no longer available under their provided links:

    | Podcast | Status | ------------------------------------------------------------- | --------- | Ember Hot Seat | ❌ DNS Timeout Error | JavaScript Jabber | ✔️ Still Running | Node Up | ❌ DNS Timeout Error | 5 Minutes of JavaScript | 😡 Pluralsight Paywall | The Meteor Podcast | 🔚 Stopped Running in 2017 | JSConf | ✔️ Still Running | JavaScript Air | 🔚 Stopped Running in 2016

    Some more Podcasts that may be worth including:

    • CodeNewbie
    • Front End Happy Hour
    • Fullstack Radio
    • JAMstack Radio
    • JS Party
    • Modern Web
    • My JavaScript Story
    • Real Talk JavaScript
    • ShopTalk Show
    • Syntax FM
    • The Bike Shed
    opened by ricealexander 0
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