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Hacktoberfest 2022 🔥 : Built by the community for the community!

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This repository is an initiative which aims to help beginners kickstart their open-source journey and successfully submit their first pull request (PR) for Hacktoberfest 2022. It is also a safe space for everyone regardless of their skill level and we welcome participants from all around the world with different experiences, unique perspectives, and great ideas.

Need info?

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Getting Started 🥳

We believe we can build a welcoming and inclusive community if we all:

  • Use welcoming and inclusive language
  • Attempt collaboration before conflict
  • Are respectful of everyones' opinions, perspectives, viewpoints and experiences
  • Can give and accept constructive feedback
  • Accept responsibility and apologize to those affected by our actions and mistakes
  • Focus on what is best for the community


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute! ❤️ 💙

Shoutout to our contributors 🎉

How to contribute?

Before making any contributions, please take a look at our Community Guidelines and take a look at the existing Issues or create a new issue!

Wanna make a contribution but don't know how? Please follow the steps below.

  1. Install Visual Studio Code and ceate a Git (not GitHub) account

    • Open the terminal in Visual Studio Code
    • Type git --version in a directory of your choice - you should see the version of Git that you downloaded. If you see an error, close and reopen VS Code and try again
    • Set your user name with git config --global user.name "<your-first-name> <your-last-name>" - replace the <placeholders> with the real values
    • Set your email address with git config --global user.email "<your-email-here>"- replace the <placeholder> with the real values (your email address should match the one with which you signed up for your GitHub account)
  2. Fork this repository. This will create a copy of this repo in your GitHub account:

  3. Clone the repository

  4. Make changes

  5. Commit and push your changes to your fork

  • type git add . (yes, there is a space ( ) between add and the .) - this adds all changes to staging area
  • type git commit -m "YOUR COMMIT MESSAGE" - this will commit your changes with the messages
  • type git push to push the changes to your remote fork
  1. make a Pull request

What kind of contribution can I make?

  • Fixing grammar mistakes or typos
  • Editing or suggesting changes
  • Contributing to the content and resources of the repo
  • Fix bugs/minor issues
  • Automate process of this repo with GitHub actions

Stay awesome and happy HACKING!

  • To create a stunning README.md for our repository

    To create a stunning README.md for our repository

    Problem: Our current README.md is plain & has little details. We need a more attractive README.md document.

    Solution: Use your creative juices to spruce up our README.md documentation that attract users to join our open source project!

    Expectation: To create a stunning README.md with proper markdown formatting that attracts users to join & contribute to our open-source project! Include images as well - e.g. such as the Hacktoberfest 2022 logo/banner. You can refer to other repositories for the general format.

    Take note: You can take reference from the README.md of other repositories. But DO NOT PLAGIARIZE or else your PR would be labeled as spam & disqualified from Hacktoberfest 2022. Take this time to understand how others have written their README.md documentation & try to write your own unique README.md which you are proud of showing to the rest of our community.

    This is a very beginner-friendly task that allows you to practice your Markdown skills, and contribute to a meaningful cause in a low to no-code manner!

    documentation good first issue hacktoberfest hacktoberfest-accepted 
    opened by melvincwng 12
  • Port over next half of our organization's members into the website (remaining 40+ members)

    Port over next half of our organization's members into the website (remaining 40+ members)

    When the main page/website is ready, require assistance to port over the last remaining half of our community members (around 40+ people) into the website.

    help wanted hacktoberfest hacktoberfest-accepted 
    opened by melvincwng 7
  • Modify footer in Homepage

    Modify footer in Homepage

    Problem: i) Wrong href value in the anchor tag of the footer & ii) To modify existing text in the anchor tag of the footer

    Solution: i) Change the href to "https://hacktoberfest.com/" and ii) change text to "Created by the community for Hacktoberfest 2022 with ❤️"

    Expectation: The footer should show the correct text & when clicked, it directs user in a new tab to the Hacktoberfest 2022 website.

    Note: This is a simple & good first issue for newcomers wanting to contribute to open source or for Hacktoberfest 2022. Preferably looking for someone who has not contributed to this repository before. Kindly tag/ping me if you wish to be assigned this task.

    Take care, have fun & good luck 🎉

    good first issue help wanted hacktoberfest hacktoberfest-accepted 
    opened by melvincwng 5
  • To add a COMMUNITY_GUIDELINES.md file

    To add a COMMUNITY_GUIDELINES.md file

    Problem: We need to have a markdown file that contains various community guidelines that members of the community have to follow. This is a good first PR for beginners that want to contribute to open source & make a meaningful contribution to this project.

    Solution: To come up with a COMMUNITY_GUIDELINES.md file that has at least 5 community guidelines alongside with proper markdown formatting (e.g. Respect one another etc - then add in details)

    Expectation: It should be a thorough document detailing 5 community guidelines in bullet form. And under each individual bullet point, more details have to be elaborated. One liners will not be accepted, and may be labelled as 'spam'.

    Reference: Please feel free to scour the web & refer to relevant resources online to draft the COMMUNITY_GUIDELINES.md document. Upon review, if it's acceptable, owner will approve & merge PR.

    Take note: Please avoid direct plagiarism from existing websites! You can use online resources for reference when drafting the document, but kindly paraphrase/rephrase the content. Whatever that is crafted in COMMUNITY_GUIDELINES.md would be transferred to one of the webpages in the community website for others to see 😊

    documentation good first issue hacktoberfest hacktoberfest-accepted 
    opened by melvincwng 4
  • Fix 'title' tag in Community Guidelines page

    Fix 'title' tag in Community Guidelines page

    Problem: The title of the Community Guidelines page (i.e. community-guidelines.tsx or /community-guidelines path) has a typo.

    Solution: To fix & change the tab title from 'Contributors' to 'Community Guidelines'

    Expectation: When a user visits the /community-guidelines webpage, he or she should see the words 'Community Guidelines' in the tab of the browser (i.e. title of the document)

    Take note: This is a beginner-friendly issue that you can do, with a simple understanding of HTML concepts. You don't need advanced Next.js or TypeScript understanding to handle this. Simply just cltrl F the erroneous title tag & replace it with the correct text.

    Images for reference: Before: image

    After: image

    An easy & simple fix to our community website that garners a PR entry for Hacktoberfest 2022 😄

    good first issue help wanted hacktoberfest hacktoberfest-accepted 
    opened by melvincwng 3
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