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Supporting Trumbowyg

Trumbowyg is an MIT-licensed open source project and completely free to use.

However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for the project is not sustainable without proper financial backing. You can support it's ongoing development by being a backer or a sponsor:




Become a Sponsor



Become a Sponsor


Trumbowyg is a simple and lightweight WYSIWYG editor, weight only 20kB minifed (8kB gzip) for faster page loading.

Visit presentation page: http://alex-d.github.io/Trumbowyg/


All you need to know about Trumbowyg is here: http://alex-d.github.io/Trumbowyg/documentation/ (or even on the home)


You can contribute to Trumbowyg with translations in languages you know. Thanks to node and gulp, you can improve core script, style or icons easily.

First, fork and clone the repository

cd Trumbowyg # go into the project's root directory
npm install # install development dependencies
npm run dev # watch mode
npm run build # to build the project

gulp command launch default Gulp task watcher and rebuild on the fly.

Stay in touch

For the latest release and announcements, follow on Twitter: @AlexandreDemode


This project is under MIT license.

  • 🛠 Trumbowyg 3 (WIP) • Open Discussion • Feedback are welcome

    🛠 Trumbowyg 3 (WIP) • Open Discussion • Feedback are welcome

    Trumbowyg 3

    Hey, I'm Alex-D, aka Alexandre Demode. I'm a French Web Developer who has created Trumbowyg in 2012. I left my job to devote myself to Trumbowyg and freelance.

    If you can and want to support me, feel free to donate me recurring via GitHub Sponsor or via Patreon or one-time via PayPal.


    First, Trumbowyg is old and based on jQuery. Nobody wants that anymore.

    To remove jQuery, I need to rewrite a lot of code in core and plugins. As long as I need to rewrite a lot of code, I want to rewrite all the code and try a new structure for better modularity, flexibility, and extensibility.


    • Vanilla JS
    • Get rid of execCommand
    • ~20ko for the core (8-10ko gzip)
    • API driven
    • Split Core and UI (see below)
    • Unit tests for the Core
    • Better Documentation
    • Explicit calls (no more wizardry)
    • TypeScript description file
    • Official support of Vue.js, React and Angular

    Details by module


    • Abstract Syntax Tree: allow to split editor content from output format (semantic HTML, non-semantic HTML, custom HTML, Markdown, ...)
    • History, Ctrl+Z 📚
    • Clipboard, for pasting things from anywhere without explosion 💥
    • Keyboard, for shortcuts ⌨
    • Mobile support
    • CJK IME (composition) support
    • Better API
    • Simplified Selection manipulation


    • Button Pane (relative, fixed, floating)
      • dropdown
      • button
    • Modals
      • input (text, file, checkbox, radio)
      • select
      • confirm
      • cancel
    • Themes
      • Default
      • Dark
      • Maybe more, like a Material one

    Why am I posting that here?

    I want to get feedback as soon as possible in the development process.

    So if you guys have some links to share which can help me, or some ideas you want to see in Trumbowyg, let me know by commenting this issue :)

    How to help me?

    Send me new ideas to question my plans and improve some parts. And as I said in the introduction, you can donate me recurring via Patreon or one-time via PayPal to help me to invest more time in this project.

    Thank you

    From 2012, you are more and more to use Trumbowyg, which was started as a challenge/joke on IRC. But today it's a project with more than 2500 stars, 600 issues, 250 pull requests, 850+ commits from 130+ contributors from almost everywhere in the world: that's crazy! Internet's magic.

    Follow the development

    A new branch is here, more like a draft/proof of concept for now: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/tree/v3


    opened by Alex-D 48
  • Add an option for inserting smiley markup

    Add an option for inserting smiley markup

    I want to give an additional button for inserting smileys. When user clicks the button, a popup is shown nearby displaying some 30 smiley icons, clicking any of which inserts that into the caret position.

    How do I add this button and the functionality here?

    plugin need contributor 
    opened by AttitudeMonger 20
  • How do I remove inline styles from generated HTML

    How do I remove inline styles from generated HTML

    Apologies if I am missing something here. Adding <li> items in the editor creates <span style="line-height: 1.4em; background-color: initial;">. How do I stop the styles from being added, or at least stop it from submitting with the styles?

    Great editor, btw :)

    enhancement request wontfix 
    opened by jackbarham 19
  • Page crash/freeze/hang on Chomium-based browsers

    Page crash/freeze/hang on Chomium-based browsers

    Recently, many users told us that using the paragraph menu crashed their browser's tab. We noticed that the problem is also happening from the demo page. We have made many attempts and have had no problems with Mac OS. The problems seem to happen with Windows 10 whether it is on Edge or Chrome.


    Relevant details according to the context:

    • Windows 10
    • Edge Lastest; Chrome Lastest
    • 1920 x 1080

    How to reproduce?

    On Windows 10, Chrome Lastest (or other), on https://alex-d.github.io/Trumbowyg/

    • Select text
    • Click on Paragraph menu
    • Select Header 1 for example

    You may need to do many attempts to see the bug happen. No console error.

    opened by steven-work-space 18
  • First paragraph isn't wrapped around with P tags

    First paragraph isn't wrapped around with P tags

    After updating to the latest version 2.5.1. When I first write a paragraph and press enter, the first paragraph isn't wrapped around with p tags, whether on the second ENTER, it does. It wasn't like that in the 2.4.2 version. In the older version, when I pressed ENTER after finishing the first paragraph, it was inside P tags.

    Using latest Chrome browser Version 56.0.2924.87 on Windows 7.

    opened by idansh 18
  • feat: new option svgSideLoad = false

    feat: new option svgSideLoad = false

    Allows the svgSideLoad option (default true) to force use of the svgPath in the href of the svg. The svgSideLoad option allows skipping dom insertion and makes it explicit how the svg is being handled since the default behavior is surprising when passing in an svgPath (maybe I was not the only one confused by this? https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/issues/325).


    The angularjs application I was working on was rendering trumbowyg inside a dynamic tab. Switching tabs would cause the dom reference technique to fail whenever it re-rendered via client side rendering, tab switches. I saw the option for svgPath and immediately assumed I could just pass in an explicit url. Instead I found the current page URL always and the current implementation, which exists to allow styling of the svg (https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/issues/253#issuecomment-217642450). Editing the svg html and setting the href to the svgPath I passed into to trumbowyg revealed that just letting the browser do it solved my re-rendering problem.

    In my case I'm stuck with a legacy app and just want them to work so the browser caching them is fine.

    opened by keithharvey 17
  • [Presentation] Advanced plugins

    [Presentation] Advanced plugins

    This "Issue" is just to show you what I have done with trumbowyg and if you would like to have some features of it.

    Following features shown here:

    • content pane bar (incl. sidebar pane)
    • indentation
    • image floating
    • improved image resizer
    • image gallery picker


    I may create PRs for the tiny plugins, e.g. floating and indentation. Maybe I will also add the improvements for the image resizer. But I have no clue what you think about the content pane bar or the image gallery picker, but as far as I can see the gallery picker is in progress according to https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/issues/690.

    The content pane bar is adjusted to fit our design rules and also includes 1 or 2 addiotional features, which may not be needed in a plugin version. As you may have noticed the content pane bar is context sensitive. But before I go for a shared plugin version I want to know if the work is worth it, because the plugin is not quite small and you said you want to keep it small (the minified plugin is still 9kb big).

    Anyway, thanks for this nice editor, it is a pleassure to create custom plugins for it.

    enhancement request 
    opened by forelabs 17
  • Giphy plugin

    Giphy plugin

    I'd love a Giphy plugin for Trumbowyg and I'd be happy to throw some $$ at someone to put it together for me.

    Is there a bounty page you're using to that I can go create a request on?

    opened by thatleeguy 15
  • Buttons locks its attribute on click or after use one time

    Buttons locks its attribute on click or after use one time

    I'm new to Trumbowyg editor, I'm Trumbowyg with ASP.NET Core everything's working fine but once I click the "Bold" button then the "Bold" button locked it's state and don't go away even I double click, also some other buttons like backgroundColor, Italic button sometimes don't work..

    Browser: Firefox 57.0.4 (64-bit), Chrome, IE. Windows 10

    opened by SabirHossain 14
  • Angular routing and svgPath

    Angular routing and svgPath

    Hi, I am trying to run trumbowyg within angularjs app and I found issue that makes it unusable.

    This is code from trumbowyg.js that do that: t.svgPath = !!t.doc.querySelector('base') ? window.location.href.split('#')[0] : '';

    angularjs html5Mode requires base tag so window.location is used for svgPath, but it is not accurate as angulajs has its own $location. It brakes loading svg icons.

    What is the purpose of this statement? Iframe? Thank you

    opened by mysuf 14
  • First line should turn into a paragraph on enter.

    First line should turn into a paragraph on enter.


    Browser + version: Chrome 58.0 OS: OSX 10.10.2 Tumbowyg version: v2.5.1

    How to reproduce the bug?

    Start typing in an editor. Press enter. Type some more. The first line is never turned into a paragraph. Here's a gif of the issue as I'm seeing it: http://i.imgur.com/c3i1UwG.gif

    Hopefully it's not the desired behavior. I did see this issue, and the owner says that the <p> tag should be added on enter, but it doesnt seem to be for me.

    bug:core duplicate 
    opened by niuage 14
  • Problem on es6 import

    Problem on es6 import


    I just need to include trumbowyg in a script.js (with type="module"), so I import simply like this : import "../node_modules/trumbowyg/dist/trumbowyg.min.js" But I have two problem, the first is that a function of jquery is deprecated $.isArray at line 804, so I reccomand you to change with this : Array.isArray and the second problem is about svg button who doesn't appear when I use "import" : image image

    If you have an idea of the problem ?

    Edit : It's work when I precise the option "svgPath"


    opened by WebCimes 0
  • Fix modal focus on link/image add

    Fix modal focus on link/image add

    When the editor is displayed within a Bootstrap modal, for example, the additional Trumbowyg modal inputs are not focused properly. This fix appends the modal box right after the Trumbowyg box so that hierarchically it can receive focus without issues.

    opened by 35grain 0
  • ios 16 bug?  suggested words in textearea cannot be read by API

    ios 16 bug? suggested words in textearea cannot be read by API

    It seems that there were changes in the safari version with the current ios/iPadOS 16.1 (20B82), which leads to problems when trying to get the contents of a textarea via the api.


    • ipadOS 16.1
    • Safari Webview

    How to reproduce?

    When I fill in some words suggested by the mobile keyboard in a textearea I can't fetch the (auto-)typed content via the api:

    See there also the empty "Shadow Content" in the picture

    With: $("textarea[name=comment]").trumbowyg('html') I got nothing: however with the follwing bad hack we get the complete content: $('#textarea_comment').closest(".trumbowyg").find(".trumbowyg-editor").html()

    What is even stranger:

    when I type some letters and then accept the autosuggestion I only get the typed letters, e.g.

    Type "w","i" accept suggestion "will" => I get only "wi" and not "will"!

    Any ideas how to solve this?


    opened by datacosmos 1
  • Wrong locale for Norwegian patch

    Wrong locale for Norwegian patch

    The norwegian language patch no_nb.js should be "nb.js". "no" is not a language code, but nb is Norwegian (Bokmål). System Locale nb-NO. NO is the only dialect for bokmål, so nb is good enough.

    Commit for cherry pick is available here: https://github.com/timint/Trumbowyg/commit/3cb7407b261c59c30aec0af3c456af780aab4b36

    opened by timint 0
  • Update node dependencies

    Update node dependencies

    A commit can be cherry picked here taking the node dependencies up to date. Compatible with latest Node 18. https://github.com/timint/Trumbowyg/commit/80a187bcd6609c73f3441c4f25b5a3a1f4689050

    Note: the last versions of del and vinyl-paths do not support CommonJS and this commit holds the CommonJS versions.

    opened by timint 0
  • v2.26.0(Nov 14, 2022)


    • Breaking Change: Replace defaultLinkTarget option with linkTargets list, by @Alex-D @coelhudo
    • Feat: Add the ability to create select in modal, by @coelhudo @Alex-D
    • Feat: Add a select to pick the link target in the insert link modal, by @coelhudo @Alex-D
    • Fix: make SVG work when using the <base> tag, by @inavitski-sc #1279
    • Fix: make modals dark in dark mode, by @Alex-D f9e5d9f
    • Fix: use monospace as fallback font instead of sans-serif, by @timint cd6505242f86d75fdf59e00e768584c33e384371



    • Fix: Use any downsized as a fallback, by @TwilightCoder #1339
    • Feat: Add alt based on Giphy's gif title, by @TwilightCoder #1339


    • Fix: Use the previous row to keep the right columns count, by @gary-britland #1290


    • Fix: remove small memory leak by removing event listeners on destroy, by @urosg80 #1319


    • Feat: Improve success callback, by @IvanDreamer #1334

    Changes: v2.25.2...v2.26.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.25.2(Aug 11, 2022)



    • Add Russian translations to all plugins, by @inavitski-sc #1278
    • Add Belarusian translations to all plugins, by @inavitski-sc #1278

    Allow tags from paste

    • Fix: do not disable removeformatPasted when the plugin is disabled itself, by @TFleury #1208


    • Prevent Firefox from nesting multiple spans on font-size changes, by @aeyoll #1274
    • Fixes "Cannot read property '1' of null", by @alegag #1238


    • Make MathML editable, even after toggling HTML view, by @Alolu @Alex-D 592402d #1244

    Changes: v2.25.1...v2.25.2

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.25.1(Jul 15, 2021)

  • v2.25.0(Jul 4, 2021)



    • Add ability to customize modal field type with a function, by @nzmattman #1228


    • Modal autofocus first input of any kind, including select and textarea, by @Alex-D


    • Fix all plugin broken icons, by @Alex-D


    • Clean the language list, by @mpryvkin #1111

    Changes: v2.24.0...v2.25.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.24.0(Jun 7, 2021)



    • Disable buttons when the editor is disabled 46c1207 #1140



    Allow tags from paste

    • Fix: do not disable removeformatPasted when the plugin is disabled itself #1208


    • Add support of rgba with decimal opacity #1188


    • Refactor to make resizable-resolveconflicts.js useless: you do not need it anymore #1192


    • Invert the arrow direction in upload icon #1201

    Changes: v2.23.0...v2.24.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.22.0(Nov 26, 2020)




    • It's now possible to toggle bold/italic/etc. and write on the go #1107 #875 #1092
    • Avoid Chrome's span wrapping #873
    • Prevent some unwanted <p> wrapping #1123
    • Improve SVG path auto-detection 6ee053247aea63a051c1fb19c014a84e318050f7 #1059
    • Remove editor margin d77ee142545c7e30f085cb9d65ef81b07b99f93a fixes #1037
    • Fix jquery peer warn #1079


    • Add 'URL' to translatable strings #1097


    Clean paste

    • Only analyze pasted content #977
    • Add missing tbwchange trigger cf3a5abca4d5f595fa859a39325dc278f026b5cd


    • Update emoji list #1036

    Font size

    • Does not remove children anymore #1073
    • Add missing syncCode 4f93094bf9e8b9262121c99a207047e032a3f563 #1089
    • Add missing tbwchange trigger 040e7023b36dbec7c658a5fe56634a3ddce91bdd #1117


    • Add line highlight ability #1070


    • Tables have now <tbody> #1001


    • imageWidthModalEdit option is now correctly handled #1096
    • Prevent multiple submissions while uploading 5c6ab17e940a328e9563c41420c6a76d6033b1b6 #1035

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.21.0...v2.22.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.21.0(Dec 30, 2019)



    • Properly clean body events on destroy #1060



    • Add resize handle with canvas #1049

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.20.0...v2.21.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.20.0(Nov 4, 2019)

  • v2.19.1(Nov 4, 2019)



    • Add missing tbwchange in viewHTML toggle function #1016
    • Fix link IE11 compatibility issue 947049fac1c75b89368d7f329e5acf727855cdf5
    • Do not unwrap p anymore 356151209613a4168d33bc4ac2a1fd9fce47e286 #920



    • Fix missing missing rating option from API calls 8b8262b82856acf97142f0329fd4241441c8dd54
    • Fix IE11 display issues 8b8262b82856acf97142f0329fd4241441c8dd54
    • Add close button to Giphy modal 8b8262b82856acf97142f0329fd4241441c8dd54

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.19.0...v2.19.1

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.19.0(Aug 29, 2019)



    • Set list-style decimal for ordoned lists in resetCss #978
    • Avoid 1px move on editor switch #984
    • Disable word wrapping in dropdowns #985
    • Restore close modal on escape 0ede37315d44fa01cdca240f24af12c947fafe0c
    • Add missing skipTrumbowyg to execCmd API binding c5dc24f1031f06e5772584cbe89220d4c5cdbf19


    • Fix Thai key from de to th 21d7a65f31598ac8441b830edbd657822632eb10




    • Add Add row above and change Add columns to Add columns to the left/right #1003

    Font family

    • Fix issues with quotes #988 c6a42fb2f097a222e1582d1ae6d9da5efc987866


    • Fix color minification issue by using rgba instead of HEX+alpha #997 b7629586f754c79a52e4db5cf71097a229805992

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.18.0...v2.19.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.18.0(May 20, 2019)




    • Fix select issues on iOS #6
    • Add a placeholder block when goes fullscreen to prevent scroll top #791
    • Fix placeholder which prevent scroll jump when fixedBtnPane is active eb0b9bef9d9f87d03d726b9b87761ec611fbcc62


    • Update all Korean of core and all plugins #969

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.17.0...v2.18.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.17.0(May 4, 2019)



    • Shows "Cmd" or "Ctrl" in shortcuts depending on the OS (previously was always "Ctrl") 2f9c8880acb5bb8f1faeb91a63ad79dd8ea69e66
    • Add new dropdownClass property to allow you to add some custom class to some dropdowns 987cd679ad82324b600afabcacc8bf7981f02bda



    • Add ability to choose different color list for foreground and background
    • Add new option displayAsList which allows to change back color list style to classic dropdown

    f3ae40bb7145af8358dc5287b8df0723e7fb4367 Read colors plugin updated documentation

    Font family

    • Fix fontList override

    2dba3f15e1d2df7cd1a7658c397f93bc92ab26c9 Read font family plugin updated documentation

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.16.2...v2.17.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.16.2(Apr 30, 2019)



    • Fix SVG on old browser (rolling back from href to xlink:href) cb653f8631e0d4ffbf143cacb053ff464cc48474 #962
    • Allow larger dropdown item labels #957
    • Modal checkboxes are now at the right size 9bfbe6777c7d17195a005129273a41554c4032e3
    • Use t.doc.body instead of document.body in closeModal a33e1de44d7f8d0eb55175420d79efdee6caee80 #934



    Allow tags from paste (💥 Breaking change)

    • trumbowyg.o.allowTagsFromPaste option becomes trumbowyg.o.plugins.allowTagsFromPaste.allowedTags

    0dba2975ec3f37d15224ef5fe501793fcde1c47a Read allow tags from paste plugin updated documentation


    • Fix sync between editor and textarea by calling syncCode 1ed04a4d726b8944014b3305aaac1ebcf0088d60 #959

    Paste image

    • Fix: prevents paste image twice #628

    12f830b78b156f153aae6ab907d30ff674dac933 Read paste image plugin updated documentation

    Font size

    • Add sizeList option to support custom size list
    • Add allowCustomSize option to remove "Custom" dropdown entry if wanted

    32c829f0f0e81f3eed88155181f30a7a258fde3b Read font size plugin updated documentation

    Line height

    • Add sizeList option to support custom size list

    f00b2bc6cd58123fc330e1636ff3626055bfb5ad Read line height plugin updated documentation

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.15.2...v2.16.2

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.15.2(Apr 30, 2019)

    ⚠️ This version has some issues with icons on old browsers, consider upgrade to v2.16.2 ⚠️



    • Fix table size selector highlight #948

    Font family

    • Add es translations #952

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.15.1...v2.15.2

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.15.1(Apr 30, 2019)

    ⚠️ This version has some issues with icons on old browsers, consider upgrade to v2.16.2 ⚠️



    • Clean icons

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.15.0...v2.15.1

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.15.0(Mar 26, 2019)



    • Add indent/outdent support using tab #923
    • Add semanticKeepAttributes option #922


    • Avoid error on IE11 #915


    Font size

    • Add it translations #932

    Line height

    • Add it translations #933

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.14.0...v2.15.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.14.0(Jan 28, 2019)



    • Add missing fr translations #902


    All plugins

    • Add pt_br translations #904


    • Fix unability to resize image after cut/paste or history #901 #903 #908 #919

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.13.0...v2.14.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.13.0(Dec 13, 2018)



    • fix Firefox error with documentSelection #799
    • force textarea sync on undo/redo #227 #417


    • add non-minified lang files #899




    • Update to EmojiOne v4.0 #895


    • Do not filter languages (all languages are availables by default) #776


    • Make free color working #740


    • Add spanish support #809
    • Add german support #898

    Changes: https://github.com/Alex-D/Trumbowyg/compare/v2.12.2...v2.13.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.12.2(Dec 13, 2018)

  • v2.12.1(Nov 22, 2018)

  • v2.12.0(Nov 16, 2018)

  • v2.11.1(Nov 16, 2018)

  • v2.11.0(Sep 10, 2018)

  • v2.10.0(Apr 9, 2018)




    • Avoid double slash in SVG generated path #701
    • Avoid some errors in openModalInsert #709 #712
    • Add CSS list-style: disc to ul reset #697
    • Improve button groups borders #707




    • Fix loop increment to go over all clipboard items #717


    • Big rewrite to fix lot of issues #686


    • Allows to set custom font-size #729


    • Fix to works in multi-instances #745





    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.9.0(Dec 3, 2017)




    • SVG icons are loaded correctly in all browsers: #648
    • Insert link / image trigger tbwchange (did not before): #513
    • Really disable buttons when editor is disabled: #659
    • Semantic supports s to del transform: #651
    • Remove all white-space: normal which was broken in Firefox: #664
    • data-dropdown renamed in data-{prefix}-dropdown (prefix is 'trumbowyg' by default): #404
    • Avoid dropdown to goes under toolbar of next editor instance: #654
    • Avoid some bugs dues to ctrl/meta holding: #650, #566


    • Upgrade dev dependencies which had vulnerability




    • NEW! #633

    Ruby text plugin

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.8.0(Sep 19, 2017)


    • Moves default options into $.trumbowyg.defaultOptions to be public (read only)
    • Rename toggleDisable to setDisable
    • Remove button groups (btnGrp-design, btnGrp-semantic, btnGrp-justify and btnGrp-list), just use arrays of buttons for now
    • Fix semantic del: <strike> -> <del>


    • Fix upload plugin progress
    • Fix emoji code to remove all : from class names
    • Moves emoji style into SCSS file


    • Add TONS of documentation
    • Add demos for default and plugins with code to reproduce
    • Add plugins documentation, especially for upload one
    • Add beer bubbles animation on landing: the most important change of this version :-°

    Please support Trumbowyg by making a donation :)

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.7.2(Sep 7, 2017)

    • PR #619: Fix #616 avoiding infinite p tag wrapping
    • Remove useless full semanticCode call on IE which is only needed on compositionend, allowing to get multiple blank lines in IE (thanks to @JoSe086)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.7.0(Aug 5, 2017)

    • PR #569: Fix #567 making $('#editor').trumbowyg('html', '...') working again
    • PR #586: Fix upload plugin by sending all fields
    • PR #574: Add autogrowOnEnter option which allow to autogrow the area only when editor get the focus
    • PR #590: Fix tbwchange trigger on paste in viewHTML mode
    • Rework Gulpfile.js
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v2.6.0(Jun 5, 2017)

    :warning: This version has some issues, consider upgrade to v2.7.0 :warning:

    • Fix: remove Chrome Warning about Selection.addRange() #557
    • Fix: remove tagsToRemove before inject them into contenteditable #565
    • Fix: allow SVG icons to be loaded from another domain #555
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
Alexandre Demode
Fullstack developer
Alexandre Demode
The next generation Javascript WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

Froala Editor V3 Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor is one of the most powerful JavaScript rich text editors ever. Slim - only add the plugins that you need (

Froala 5k Jan 1, 2023
A powerful WYSIWYG rich text web editor by pure javascript

KothingEditor A powerful WYSIWYG rich text web editor by pure javascript Demo : kothing.github.io/editor The KothingEditor is a lightweight, flexible,

Kothing 34 Dec 25, 2022
Pure javascript based WYSIWYG html editor, with no dependencies.

SunEditor Pure javscript based WYSIWYG web editor, with no dependencies Demo : suneditor.com The Suneditor is a lightweight, flexible, customizable WY

Yi JiHong 1.1k Jan 2, 2023
A modern, simple and elegant WYSIWYG rich text editor.

jQuery-Notebook A simple, clean and elegant WYSIWYG rich text editor for web aplications Note: Check out the fully functional demo and examples here.

Raphael Cruzeiro 1.7k Dec 12, 2022
Quill is a modern WYSIWYG editor built for compatibility and extensibility.

Note: This branch and README covers the upcoming 2.0 release. View 1.x docs here. Quill Rich Text Editor Quickstart • Documentation • Development • Co

Quill 34.3k Jan 2, 2023
The best enterprise-grade WYSIWYG editor. Fully customizable with countless features and plugins.

CKEditor 4 - Smart WYSIWYG HTML editor A highly configurable WYSIWYG HTML editor with hundreds of features, from creating rich text content with capti

CKEditor Ecosystem 5.7k Dec 27, 2022
An Easy and Fast WYSIWYG Editor

Simditor Simditor is a browser-based WYSIWYG text editor. It is used by Tower -- a popular project management web application. Supported Browsers: IE1

彩程设计 5k Jan 3, 2023
Medium.com WYSIWYG editor clone. Uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.

If you would be interested in helping to maintain one of the most successful WYSIWYG text editors on github, let us know! (See issue #1503) MediumEdit

yabwe 15.7k Jan 4, 2023
Simple, beautiful wysiwyg editor

This repo is no longer maintained. bootstrap3-wysiwyg is much better Overview Bootstrap-wysihtml5 is a javascript plugin that makes it easy to create

James Hollingworth 4.2k Dec 30, 2022
Raptor, an HTML5 WYSIWYG content editor!

Raptor Editor Raptor Editor is a user-focused extensible WYSIWYG website content editor - check out the Demo. It is designed to be user and developer

PANmedia 533 Sep 24, 2022
Super simple WYSIWYG editor

Summernote Super simple WYSIWYG Editor. Summernote Summernote is a JavaScript library that helps you create WYSIWYG editors online. Home page: https:/

Summernote 11k Jan 7, 2023
🍞📝 Markdown WYSIWYG Editor. GFM Standard + Chart & UML Extensible.

TOAST UI Editor v3 major update planning ?? ?? ?? TOAST UI Editor is planning a v3 major update for 2021. You can see our detail RoadMap here! GFM Mar

NHN 15.5k Jan 3, 2023
WYSIWYG editor developed as jQuery plugin

RichText WYSIWYG editor developed as jQuery plugin. Requirements jQuery (v.3+, v.3.2+ recommended) FontAwesome (v.4.7.0 / v.5+) src/jquery.richtext.mi

Bob 95 Dec 30, 2022
A JS library for building WYSIWYG editors for HTML content.

For information on the ContentTools 2.x roadmap please view the: Roadmap repo ContentTools A JS library for building WYSIWYG editors for HTML content.

getme 3.9k Jan 8, 2023
A toolkit for building WYSIWYG editors with Mobiledoc

Mobiledoc Kit Mobiledoc Kit is a framework-agnostic library for building WYSIWYG editors supporting rich content via cards. Libraries This repository

Bustle 1.5k Jan 3, 2023
A markdown editor. http://lab.lepture.com/editor/

Editor A markdown editor you really want. Sponsors Editor is sponsored by Typlog. Overview Editor is not a WYSIWYG editor, it is a plain text markdown

Hsiaoming Yang 2.8k Dec 19, 2022
Override the rich text editor in Strapi admin with ToastUI Editor.

strapi-plugin-wysiwyg-tui-editor ⚠️ This is a strapi v4 plugin which does not support any earlier version! A Strapi plugin to replace the default rich

Zhuo Chen 12 Dec 23, 2022
A chrome extension which helps change ace editor to monaco editor in web pages, supporting all features including autocompletes.

Monaco-It Monaco-It is a chrome extension turning Ace Editor into Monaco Editor, supporting all features including autocompletes. 一些中文说明 Supported Lan

null 3 May 17, 2022
lightweight (~5kb) code editor custom element with syntax highlighting

code-edit lightweight (~5kb) code editor custom element with syntax highlighting ?? Install · ?? Example · ?? API docs · ?? Releases · ???? Contribute

stagas 5 Apr 14, 2022